Ever get so excited, you can’t eat?

That’s me right now… Read more


You hummed the keyboard riff from Europe just now, right? If so, then I did my job! Read more


The title of this blog can be interpreted in two ways:

  1. I play too many notes
  2. I am writing down too many notes as I am listening to the rough mixes.

The answer is YES to both. Read more


Yes, you read that correctly. My seventh album is now completed as of 10pm last night. I recorded the final notes and noises, took a huge breath and said to Chris Davison and Chris Macock “We’re done!”

This album was the most fun I ever had recording. It was a true joy, and I have never said that in my life. I’ve had good times in studios, one bad one, but this was sheer delight. Everyone was on the same page, in tune with each other, got their ducks in a row and this is the result. Listened back to the unmixed songs to really make sure I was happy with everything before I packed up my gear and drove home. All I can say is that this is going to make you re-think who I am as a guitarist and songwriter.

Chris and Ronnie Mormino deserve tons of kudos for stepping up when the chips were down for me, and turning already good songs into BETTER ones. And extra heaps o’thanks to Chris Macock (Inversion Circus’ guitarist) for letting me record in his studio in Morganville. His hospitality was greatly appreciated. And his neighbours were cool enough to let us make noise all day and night.

Onto mixing and mastering…

And a nap.


Been bouncing ideas back and forth with Chris about recording my parts soon. He and I have been brainstorming like mad, and it’s a great feeling. The vibes so far for this new album have been nothing short of amazing.  Read more


I will be recording my guitar parts next weekend and then can ALMOST say the album is done. Why almost? Because it’s onto mixing and mastering, the cover art, and then pressing the cds.

But in the short term, the RECORDING process will be completed when I let the last note fade out. I am SO ready to get this show on the road…are you???

Also on this date last year (March 4, of course), I debuted “Marblehead” at the old Mexicali Live as opener for Michael Angelo Batio. I knew even then it would be a great live song and now it will be a slammin’ studio cut! True story.

Another cool flyer I made! Pics courtesy of Anthony Vito, Ken Riccio, and Juan Rincon.

50% DONE

Chris just emailed me the raw files and I downloaded them this morning. Sent me the tracks with the rough guitar and then the same songs without guitars, so I can really listen to the rhythm section and work on tightening things up. In two weeks, I will record my guitar parts…

Holy smokes, this album is already 50% done!!!

I’ve only had four rehearsals with these guys since October and we’re halfway done with the new album! This is how things are supposed to be. You make music, you feel inspired, you capture the energy on tape (well, computer). I plan on this album being out by May but if it’s earlier…wow! Not going to rush things, as I always say, but things are flowing well.

REAL well.



Chris sent me a rough draft of “Rust” just so I can hear how the drums and bass are coming along. All I can say is, WOW! Chris added some slinky little lines to keep the song flowing and Ronnie’s drumming combines space with mood. Not an easy feat for a drummer, let me tell you! I definitely need to come up with the right guitar parts for this tune. I wrote the damn song and it’s going to be the most difficult thing I’ve ever written! Read more


I am tired. But it’s a good kind of tired. The kind of tired where I know I pushed myself hard and still felt happy with the results.

That’s when I know the music is good… Read more


I hate winter. Always did, always will. Ever since I was a kid, hated the feeling of cold weather against my skin. Hate the snow, except when it falls, then I admit it’s pretty and picturesque.

But snow better not ruin my plans for recording!

Snow is supposed to come tonight and last til the morning but may not be a lot. I do feel like at times, when I plan for something like recording, the weather gets in the way. This album will be recorded come hell or high…