Played my debut show last night at 10th Street Live in Kenilworth, and while I felt that my personal performance could have been a bit better, the crowd was good and really liked my “moves”. After the third song, I shook the rust off and started going for broke. Was good to see people responding to the songs in an enthusiastic way, always does a body good.

But moving forward…

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I have to unfortunately start this blog with a bit of sad news. Found out this afternoon that Justin Lowe, guitarist for After The Burial, passed away¬†today. I did not know him at all, but I was a fan of the band from as far back as the MySpace days (remember those?) and was blown away by the intricate guitar work that he and Trent Hafdahl did on their 8-string guitars. I’ll stick to seven myself. But was definitely a shock to read the news online about Justin’s death. My heart goes out to the family and friends of Justin, and hope that the band finds the strength to continue forward.

Now onto something a bit happier…

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Greetings once again! I am still buzzing from my trip to Nashville last weekend, think I need to get out of New Jersey more often. Some people I know would like that a lot…

But in all seriousness, something about getting out and visiting a new place helps bring a new energy and a heightened sense of purpose to what I do as a musician. Being a musician is hard enough, but when there’s no inspiration, it’s like playing guitar with mittens on. However, hanging around Nashville really inspired me and got me thinking…

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WOW! Three days in Nashville, lots of guitar playin’, lots of friends that I caught up with and new ones made too. Summer NAMM is definitely more laid-back than Winter NAMM but it’s still fun, loud, and crazy.

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Ah! Day one of Summer NAMM here in Nashville, TN! The flight was very smooth (aside from the annoying family next to me…how do I get all the luck?) and though parking for NAMM was brutal, today has been a very good day!

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Hello one and all! I hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th of July weekend. My weekend was, shall we say, interesting…

Mary’s Basement played a private party on July 3rd and while it was a LONG day of preparation, it was the best thing to do. We got all of our levels just right, and when we performed (for 7 hours!), we all agreed it was the best the band sounded. Even had fun throwing in songs we never played before, and that added to the excitement. Thankfully, the songs came out good.

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Hello Earthlings! Time for another blog courtesy of that long-haired heavy metal hippie.

Except I don’t drive a VW van.

Though I always wanted one…

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Though I am not a bass player (I have played bass on demos and my first cd TWISTED METAL), I will still blown away upon reading that Yes bassist Chris Squire passed away the other day at age 67. That is not old at all, and considering how active he was until he had to step down due to his leukemia, he acted way younger than most guys my age!

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Hello everyone! Another installment of “What The Hell Is Going On In Steve’s Mind?” brought to you by the letter Q and the number 7.


Hard to believe that July 4th is next Friday. If you ask me, that’s a sign that the year has flown by way faster than imagined. Last Thursday, my oldest son Tristan graduated high school and is college-bound on September 1st. Wasn’t it yesterday that he was born? Wasn’t it yesterday that I graduated high school? Get back to me on those.

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Steve Bello Band finally got to play the Rock 2 Adopt festival yesterday afternoon, after numerous scheduling issues over the past two years. Of course, we can’t perform a show without SOMETHING happening, right?


Well…two things, to be precise.

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