I know it’s been quite some time since last I posted a blog for your prying eyes. But I needed a break from social media as I was not in a good head space. Two weeks off seemed just right.

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Yeah I know I haven’t posted in a bit. Quite honestly, I really have nothing to discuss. But last night, as I was in my pretend studio, I felt compelled to pull out all of my albums. No I didn’t listen to them, but I took a pic of them in order…

All six of my albums. Three are out of print. You can see which ones on my TRIVIAL THINGS page.

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I had mentioned some time ago that I was all set to record my new album starting on August 13th, which came and went.

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Last night was pretty bittersweet, with regards to the show at The Chance. But as a professional musician of a million years, I learn to deal with the changes and walk away with minimal bruises.

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Yesterday I did an interview with Metal Maiden Vicki for her Metal Euphoria show. Just like the last time I was there, we had a good time, just chatting about the music, song title ideas, and overall silliness. Of course, she played my songs and whatever I requested (Rainbow, Rush, Living Colour!)

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Flyer by Metal Maiden Vicki for this Saturday’s live-in-studio interview

This Saturday I will be doing a live-in-the-studio interview hosted by Metal Maiden Vicki! The show is on from 3-8pm but my interview will take place around 5:30 or so. But be sure to tune in and listen to her show for the full five hours, as she always has surprises and plays some deep tracks (metal or not!)

We will talk about a few things such as the upcoming show at The Chance on Aug 11, as well as discuss my new album that I will work on soon, and whatever else Vicki can think of. A good time will be had by all. 

And while you’re on the site, be sure to log into the chat room and ask questions about my music or whatever!

Tune in, turn on, and crank it up!!!



Aside from annoying technical difficulties as soon as I started playing the intro to “Layers Of Time”, my trio sounded really good. Thankfully, I fixed the problem quickly and the crowd were patient.

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Updated Pink Beast 2.0 with new Layers Of Time pedal

Christmas came early today, as the mailman greeted me with a box that had my new signature pedal encased therein!

I will make a demo video soon but will definitely debut it tomorrow night at Dingbatz. I still need to clean the board up a bit more, maybe add a riser so I am not tripping on any pedals (my feets too big!) Read more


Rick Bethune of Checkered Pedals sent me this pic from his workbench…it’s my second signature pedal!!! I will hopefully have it in my hands before my gig this Friday in Clifton but nonetheless…here it is!

Second signature pedal called LAYERS OF TIME by Checkered Pedals.

I will make a demo video soon showcasing what this pedal is all about. But for now, here’s the skinny:

It’s called LAYERS OF TIME (and it has the same colour scheme as the album cover of the same name). It’s a triple delay/boost/overdrive pedal with a couple of cool twists. It has separate ins/outs if you want to run the delay through the effects loop (like I do) or you can run everything in tandem. Also has a 9v/18v switch on the back for the BOOST button if I want my solos to really jump out.

Plus it has pretty lights!



I decided this morning to re-release my 2011 cd GO BERZERK! as a download only on this site. I have 5 hard copies left but am saving those for selling at shows (I forgot that BCR Music in Lemoyne, PA has some left so I asked to take them back). I still perform “Surfing To Venus” from this album, but maybe I will resurrect a couple of songs that I haven’t touched in two years. So cough up $10 and the download is yours!


Also, you can now purchase the single-only “Quicker Than The Devil” on here for the stupid low price of 99 cents!! This song is a crowd-pleaser live and I still love playing this song as well. So even after the show is over, you can enjoy the tune at home or in your car or wherever.


“Isn’t he ni-i-i-i-ice?””