Don’t you just love it when a night flows well? All the bands get along, there’s a decent crowd, the music just slams from start to finish…yeah that was last night at Dingbatz!

I need more shows like that.

The best part? I was direct support for Michael Angelo Batio!

As we all know, any show where the focus is on instrumental music can be a bit of a challenge. Everyone wants lyrics, vocals, a cute frontman/woman. But the four bands that played last nigh proved that we don’t need any of that to get the music across.

Valence (from NY) and Etherius (from NJ) both got the crowd warmed up and faces were melted. Great musicianship, good crowd banter, and good crowd response! I have to laugh because the crowd were 95% male. But yes, the women that were there moved towards the stage, filming and taking pictures, bopping their heads to music.

My trio hit the stage at 9:45 and if I must say, we crushed it plain and simple. Even “Turn To Rust”, which slows way down, still managed to get the audience excited. Steven and Adrian had smiles on their faces the whole time (THERE’S NO SMILING IN INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC!)

Batio rode out the rest of the night with his funny stories about Dimebag, Ted Nugent, Randy Rhoads..oh and he shredded like crazy! Did tributes to Zeppelin, Randy, Metallica alongside his own songs and did not disappoint at all. Perfect way to end an already amazing evening of too many notes per square inch.

On a personal level, it was very nice to see some old friends that I hadn’t seen in quite some time. Gained some new fans as well, and one guy said I was a “legend”…well, I would never say that about myself but it was neat to hear regardless. Just too bad that I had no cds to sell because I sold the rest out back at the Uli Roth gig. Hope to get more in soon…

For now, a bit of rest until June 29 at Brighton Bar.