Nothing like a bit of rain to make you glad to stay indoors. Bright sunshine inspires me, makes me feel alive. But when it’s raining and blah, what do you do?

You have rehearsal!

To be fair, this was scheduled in advance but glad it happened today on such a crap day. Driving up the highway, stuck in traffic, oh what fun! But once I arrived at the studio, guitar in hand, all I wanted to do was plug in and turn up.

Oh that I did!

Rehearsal with Steven and Adrian went well, went over the set list (same as Starland and Wonder Bar just to keep things easy) and while my fingers didn’t cooperate (damn rain!), the vibes were still good and the band sounded great. Each song just packed a punch, even a song like “Turn To Rust”, which strangely works for a dreary day.

This gig we rehearsed for will take place this Friday May 10 at Dingbatz, as guest of yet another guitar hero, none other than Michael Angelo Batio. Also on the bill will be two other instrumental acts: Etherius from NJ, and Valence for NY. Definitely going to be a wild night. Tickets are still available by going to the SHOP link on this site and ordering up!

Let’s hope for nicer weather, okay?