Made my debut at the legendary Wonder Bar in Asbury Park, NJ last night, as direct support for guitar legend Uli Jon Roth.

That’s a lot of legendary stuff in one night!

First off, I have to say that the staff at Wonder Bar are simply wonderful. Very pro, very cordial (the one bouncer was funny as hell…should I say that out loud?) and everything went very smooth. Got there to witness Uli play his VIP show to 10 people of him doing Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons” and it was truly breathtaking.

I have to follow that?! BRING IT!

My trio hit the stage at 7:30 and played a 30-minute set, and despite having very limited stage space to work with, we still played like our lives depended on it. Bassist Adrian Calonico (whose name I finally pronounced correctly) and drummer Peter Dentico kicked ass and the crowd responded enthusiastically. Yes, for a Wednesday night, there was a very decent crowd and lots of positive energy floating all around.

Played the same set as Starland but in a different order, as I had to change the list last minute. Was supposed to play for 45 minutes but then got bumped down to 30. No big deal, we still knocked it out of the park and people showed their enjoyment by buying the last of my cds.

Yes, I sold out all the remaining copies of MARBLEHEAD! I have to order more but won’t get them in time for the May 10 show at Dingbatz. Will have to wait till the June 29 show at Brighton Bar. But having people say “We want a cd!” was the best feeling.

As usual, Uli Roth was simply mind-blowing! Every note was gorgeous, the tones he was getting were stellar. He mixed up his set with songs ranging from Scorpions, to solo work, to even a cover of “Rawhide” (?!) but in his hands, everything was magic. His band smoked too and that singer he has…WOW! I hope to open for Uli again and again until he gets sick of me.

I need coffee now…