Sitting here at the laptop, trying to think of the right blog to type. I will just wing it and hope for the best.

What a weekend though!

Saturday afternoon was Record Store Day at A&M Music Center in Lyndhurst, NJ. Hadn’t played there in a year so I decided it was time to make a cameo. Didn’t want to play the same pieces again, wanted to challenge myself (and the crowd, of course). Did my usual Steve Vai/Eddie Van Halen/Jimi Hendrix stuff. This time I threw in some curveballs: a salute to Ritchie Blackmore (whose birthday is today), a nod to Uli Roth (since I am direct support for him soon), and a request for “Purple Rain” by Prince. Hadn’t played that since the cover band days…

But I also chucked in some funny stuff like a King Crimson version of “Sweet Child Of Mine” (I bet the crowd will never listen to Slash the same way again). Overall, it was a fun time, felt relaxed, crowd was enthusiastic and the store sold some nice vinyl too. Win/win for all.

Today was rehearsal with Adrian and drummer Peter Dentico. Started off slow, as to be expected, just feeling the songs out. Once we got warmed up, things were cookin’ nicely! Peter learned the parts quite well, definitely mused that “Turn To Rust” was his fave song (isn’t it everybody’s?) and we ran through the songs a few times. It’s a good rehearsal when we leave more excited than when we showed up. Adrian and Peter will get together one more time to tighten things up. I can’t do another rehearsal because of my teaching schedule but I know these will do their homework.

The set list will be 45 minutes, so I picked select songs from all my albums except for ALL WIRED UP and ABOUT TO EXPLODE! One day I may pick a song from those albums, might actually sound better than I remembered. Hell, I pulled “I Play Guitar” out of the dustbin after 11 years and it still sounds as fresh as the day it was written and recorded.

Right now, I need a 12-hour nap…whew!