April looks to be kinda busy for yours truly. You can definitely peruse the TOUR DATES section to see where I will be next. All I know is, I’m playing more guitar than ever, between teaching six days a week (!) and gigging wherever there’s electricity.

It’s good to be king.

I have not performed at A&M Music in a year, but have decided to break the spell and go back on April 13th to support Record Store Day. Am changing some things up, namely the pieces that I perform. A couple of things will stay but am cooking up new ideas, as well as playing solo renditions of tracks from MARBLEHEAD. Will be a challenge but I accept it. And isn’t that what it means to be a musician? To grow and stretch?

Rehearsal will be the next day with bassist Adrian Calonico and drummer Peter Dentico, and I have a hell of a set list whipped up! Since I am the only opening act for Uli Roth, I have been given 45 minutes to strut my stuff. Will be playing songs from almost all of my albums but obviously focusing on MARBLEHEAD the most. I haven’t done any songs from ALL WIRED UP or ABOUT TO EXPLODE! in many years and one day I may be brave and pull a song from each. But for now, I am doing songs from the new cd, as well as TWISTED METAL, JUPITER RETURN, GO BERZERK! and LAYERS OF TIME.

Steven Fortgang will be on vacation so that’s why Peter is helping with the April show. But Steven will be on board for the May 10th gig (opening for Michael Angelo Batio at Dingbatz), and June 29th (opening for Tony MacAlpine at Brighton Bar).

Those of you keeping tabs on me, this is my 45th drummer and 12th bass player 😉