Performed yet another kick-ass show last night at Starland Ballroom, and while the crowd was pretty light, those who were in attendance got to see my trio kick some serious ass.

But something was different…

During the first song “Quicker Than The Devil”, I looked down and saw the front row headbanging and throwing up Dio horns. WHAT?! Never had THAT happen before at any of my shows. I ate it up for sure. Even acknowledged the people in front and they appreciated it. Got me thinking “I’m opening for Warrant and these people are into HEAVIER music? I like that!”

Set list was short, but we crammed six songs in 27 minutes, so that’s a land speed record. Steven and Adrian pounded the rhythms out and you could feel the lower frequencies just rattle your teeth out of your skull. The monitor mix was nice, and the FOH was LOUD! Yep, that’s the way I like it..uh huh uh huh.

The surprise song of the night was “I Play Guitar” from my first cd TWISTED METAL. Hadn’t played that one since May 2008 and figured it was nice to dust it off. And in a strange way, the timing was good. How? Well, sadly we lost Dick Dale last weekend. And anyone with good hearing would have noticed that the guitar melody was a nod to Dick Dale (considering I wrote this song in 2003). So I made a dedication to him and the crowd responded nicely. Bet Warrant fans didn’t expect to hear a Dick Dale reference at a show, right? But with me, expect the unexpected.

All told, last night’s performance was definitely great, very tight and focused. Those who got to witness it last night were treated to THE MUSIC, pure and simple. No gimmicks, no glib, just three guys laying it down as if our lives depended on it.

My legs are feeling it though…