Last time I rehearsed and played with Steven Fortgang (drums) and Adrian Calonico (bass) was way back last November 2018.

Yep, in dog years, that’s a long time.

But this afternoon, that all changed. We hid away from the world for a couple of hours at Steven’s studio and TORE through the set list for the upcoming shows. Breezed through select songs from MARBLEHEAD as well as other tidbits. But there will be a surprise song that I have not performed live since May 2008. Want to know what it is?

You’ll have to come to the shows!

I admit that I was a bit nervous about how things would sound, after not playing since last year (!) My fears quickly melted as soon as we hit the first chord of the first song (and no I am not saying what song either). These guys really did their homework. Last time they have a small window to learn the set list (with some different songs) but this time, the almost three-month break worked to their advantage. Ran through the songs twice, but we will have one more rehearsal before the March shows.

However, come the April 24th gig, Steven told me a long while back that he already had a prior commitment which was cool. Adrian recommended their friend/drummer Peter Dentico to help with that show. Obviously we will need at least one solid rehearsal beforehand. But I am really confident that everything will be spit-shined and polished.

As for the set list, I am keeping it the same for the next three shows. I really think people will like what I’ve got cookin’. When I leave a rehearsal twice as excited as I walked in, that’s a good sign.

VERY good.