I know the job of a “rock star” or whatever is to always say the greatest things. Everything is WONDERFUL and AMAZING! TONS OF FANS knock at my door! But the truth is…

Things need to change.

I’ve done seven albums since 2003. Some have met with great success, a couple were met with little to no reaction. Not everything I do will be a hit out of the park. But nobody can deny that I put my nose to the grindstone and work it. Others are happy being mundane and playing the same things over and over. Not me.

But for quite some time, I felt a change in the air. I noticed that certain shred magazines would write about me one time, and yet other guitarists get coverage for miles. This was the tip-off to me that I had to do something about it or else my frustration and blood pressure would sky-rocket.

Also, as many shows as I have done over the years, I have always upped my game both musically and visually. Granted, I don’t play as well as Steve Vai, nor do I have the gymnastics of David Lee Roth, but I put on a show. I still felt a disconnect though. Are people really listening to me? Or are they waiting for me to get off so they can see the next band that reminds them of Motley Crue or Pantera? I can tell when someone genuinely likes my music, they are very enthusiastic. Other times, it’s “Yeah it’s cool but I need to hear singing.” You do? Then start your own band.

The metal world, for the most part, never truly accepted me for reasons I won’t get into. Safe to say I would be called every name under the sun because people don’t like when I am too blunt. It’s like George Carlin once said “People love your honesty until you are honest with them. Then you are an asshole.” So true.

So here’s the deal: I am going to change some aspects of how I promote my music and guitar playing. Will it still be heavy? Yes, but more in attitude than volume. I proved that I can be heavy with a song like “Turn To Rust” and it’s mostly clean tone. Led Zeppelin wrote heavy stuff on acoustic guitars (no I am not going acoustic, I’m not good at that). Will I still play crazy? Definitely! I have no interest in slowing down. I may fall over. But I will be making some changes, nothing drastic. So watch for things as they unfold after I do these three shows coming up.

And no I am not cutting my hair.