Hard to believe we’re a couple of days away from ringing in a new year. For some, it was a year of being challenged. Others, it was about breaking off inhibitions and feeling liberated.

For me, it was both.

Don’t get me wrong, 2018 was WAY better than 2017 for me. I finally got to record my new cd MARBLEHEAD, got to actually perform a few shows to start promoting it. Scheduling interviews for next year, to really push the upcoming “tour” (yes I know it’s not a real tour so all you musicians ease up on the hate comments on Facebook). Feeling positive about making 2019 a great year musically.

This year saw me with a boat load of guitar and bass students and while it can be a bit draining at times, it’s the best gig ever. I am enjoying everything, whether it’s me challenging my students or them keeping me on my toes. Seeing their faces light up when they learn a G chord or a Led Zeppelin riff, it’s the best feeling to know they are inspired and feeling confident.

As you all know, I have a rhythm section for the upcoming March shows: Steven Fortgang on drums, and Adrian Calonico on bass. I still need players for the April gig at Wonder Bar, so hit me up if you or someone you know is into being challenged (but still will have fun!)

One more thing: I will always be proud that my songs received airplay on WRAT this summer. Those who tuned in and showed support, thank you.

I am just getting warmed up…