No I am not going to talk about 80s new wave but if you got the reference, give yourself a star.

Setting up interviews to promote the upcoming shows in 2019 as well as plugging my new album MARBLEHEAD. I did an interview with DJ Allyson for Boston Rock Radio and it should be airing soon. Was definitely nice, chat about the usual stuff, good conversation that didn’t sound corporate or stuffy.

Got another interview coming up soon with Peter Harris for his podcast The Peter Principle. He’s interviewed some BIG names as well upcoming artists so this will be cool. He included my song “Time To Fly” on his YouTube page, and the cool thing? It’s next to a Reeves Gabrels video! I feel special 🙂 More details will follow soon for that one.

More interviews will happen, just can’t say what yet. It’s like I have said in the past, I seem to do more talking than performing. Hell, I talk WHILE performing. My brain and mouth never stop.

Nor do my fingers 🙂