Went to my 30-year high school reunion last night, and while I admit to being on the fence about going for a long time, I gave in and glad I did.

Yes I can be a stubborn mule at times.

Despite the rain pouring, about 30 or so classmates piled into the Blarney Stone in East Rutherford and it was definitely like being in a time warp. But we’ve all matured (but not grown up..we all find that dull) and laughed about all of us forgetting our glasses to read the menus and such. Amazing how subjects change as we get older. Years ago we would talk about trivial stuff but now it’s about the ailment of the week. But we had a great time, nice to have some positive vibes floating around. There’s simply too much negativity in the world.

Bet you didn’t expect a non-music blog, huh?