Played another gig at Dingbatz in Clifton, NJ last night and it was definitely very cool. Always nice to step on stage and let it rip.

Isn’t that why I play music in the first place?

This gig featured Steven Fortgang on drums and Adrian Calonico on bass, and these guys did their homework! For learning the material on such short notice, they played the songs like they knew them for 20 years. I always hear someone ask “How many rehearsals? Your band is tight!” and I always say “One!” If you’re good at what you do, you practice at home, rehearse in the studio, and kill it live.

Opened the set with two songs from new album MARBLEHEAD (“Heart Of A Warior” into¬† the title track) and they went off fairly well. But the TRUE test for me was “Are my older songs still good to play?” and the answer was YES! “Nuclear Paradise”, “Quicker Than The Devil” and “Burn The Sky” were played one after the other with no breaks, as I like to keep the set moving. “Burn” especially sounded hot (no pun intended), as Steven and Adrian dug deep into the groove and the Led Zeppelin aspirations I’ve always had came to the fore.

Did “Surfing To Venus” into “Turn To Rust” which was a nice segue. (And a couple of ears in the crowd noticed my nod to “Bridge Of Sighs” by Robin Trower!) Ended with “Slippery Gypsy” into “Time To Fly” (a fitting last song) and with that, the crowd complimented us up and down the rest of the night. Always a good feeling.

A few have asked me what’s going on with Chris and Ronnie. They are both busy with their own band, as to be expected, but when they can do shows with me, then cool. Steven and Adrian expressed interest in helping when possible so whatever the muse dictates, that will be the answer. I will eventually need to cast a net to find more of a stable line-up but for now, I have to keep the revolving door swinging.

The perks of being a solo artist, I guess.