Had rehearsal yesterday with drummer Steven Fortgang and bassist Adrian Calonico and it went quite well! As many years as I’ve been doing my own brand of weird-ass progmetalfunk, it’s always interesting to hear other musicians interpret the songs.

I’m lucky I remembered some of them myself.

Rehearsal was long but good, went over each song individually, listening for things and trying real hard not to be perfectionist. But I can’t help it. Thankfully, these guys are patient and really chill, and kept saying they were happy to help and they loved the songs. That’s always important to me. Nothing worse than someone going through the motions and that is clearly not the case here.

These guys play in various bands ranging from Mahavishu-style fusion to Steely Dan covers, and rock/blues gigs. I really thought they would hear my songs and pass because it’s metal but they didn’t see it that way. They added their touches to such songs as “Marblehead” or a moldie-but-goodie like “Surfing To Venus”. Yes I am pulling songs out that I’ve not played in a quite a while. I had to go back and listen to how they went. Was so focused on the MARBLEHEAD tracks recently that the other songs slipped my grey matter.

Oh well!

It is interesting hearing how other musicians learn songs I wrote as far as 2005 (technically “Burn The Sky” was written in 1994..but that’s another story) as well as recent. I was very tempted to pull out a song from my first cd from 2003 but one day I will be brave and attempt it.

For now, I am all about moving forward…