Hard to believe this is the last week of October and also that this year has pretty much zipped past. Wasn’t it yesterday we were shoveling snow and I was recording a new album?

Okay forget the snow part…

Rehearsal this Sunday with drummer Steven Fortgang and bassist Adrian Calonico…this should be pretty wild! These guys are amazing musicians, and they are excited to play my brand of weird-ass progmetalfunk. The set list will be a nice mix of new songs from MARBLEHEAD, as well as older gems. (Don’t worry, everything is cool with Chris and Ronnie, they will be in AZ with their band next weekend but will hopefully do more shows in the future!)

As for the rest of this week, it’s all about teaching! I love it, definitely my calling. The thrill of inspiring people to either learn the guitar (or bass) from scratch, or giving intermediate/advance players more colours for their sonic palette, is just amazing to me. Been teaching for almost 23 years but for the most part it was a part-time thing since I had to work full-time jobs. Now this is my job, and I couldn’t be happier.

Oh and I cannot wait to debut my two new signature pedals at the Dingbatz show on November 9th! I want to see everyone’s reactions when I step on the Marblehead wah, or the Slippery Gypsy pedal. These new toys make a lot of noise 😉

And this world does need waking up for sure…