Hey everyone! Received an email from DJ Loud saying that he’s under the weather and asked if I wouldn’t mind rescheduling the interview that was to happen tonight. I said it was no problem at all. Once he picks a new date, I will go ahead and post on various social media pages, and on here too!

Also received an email from Rick Bethune at Checkered Pedals. He said he received another order for the signature Slippery Gypsy pedal! This is very good news! This means people are genuinely interested in making cool and weird noises 🙂 I wanted to make a more pro-shot video but apparently people like the shoe-string budget clips I filmed. I’ve also been asked by a couple of bassists if I would make a video of my effects pedals with a bass in hand. Would be interesting since I am not really a true bass player (Billy Sheehan won’t lose sleep over me) but hey, I am up for a challenge!

Anyone have a bass amp I can borrow?