Yes I have updates for you all…and the best part?

You didn’t have to ask!

Tune in this Friday to Power Ton Radio at 7:45 to hear DJ Loud spin the loudest metal imaginable. And stay tuned in at 9:30 to hear him interview me as we talk about life, metal, my new cd MARBLEHEAD, upcoming gigs and whatever else hits us upside the head. A good time will be had by all.

The videos for the two new signature pedals are getting some nice hits and I received word that someone ordered the Slippery Gypsy pedal! This is good to hear. The Marblehead wah is getting nice praise too, so hopefully someone out there will order that 😉

Rehearsals will happen soon with drummer Steven Fortgang and bassist Adrian Calonico for the upcoming November 9th show at Dingbatz. Tickets can be purchased directly through this site by going to the SHOP page. I have said this before but it bears repeating: Chris and Ronnie had previous plans, as their band The Inversion Circus will be playing the same weekend in Arizona. I am glad they are cool with Steven and Adrian helping out. I sent them select songs from MARBLEHEAD as well as tunes from LAYERS OF TIME, GO BERZERK! and JUPITER RETURN (you can pretty much guess what songs anyway!) And yes “Quicker Than The Devil” will be on the list. This will be cool!

Another show is on the horizon but I will give more details when I am allowed to.

Hey, gotta keep some degree of mystery!