Received two new toys recently from Rick Bethune and Checkered Pedals and both were definitely worth the wait.

Early Xmas for me…and can be for you too!


Along with my signature Nuclear Paradise and Layers Of Time pedals, you are now looking at two of the newest additions: Slippery Gypsy and Marblehead!

I made two videos for both pedals but here’s a quick rundown on them:

The Marblehead is a wah pedal but not just your standard wah. It has six unique voicings that can be adjusted with more boost, more bottom end, and a sweep filter button that can change the sounds from traditional to downright deep! Rick put in a sound called Stack Of Dimes and it’s definitely the funkiest wah sound I ever heard.

The Slippery Gypsy is a dual envelope filter/u-vibe (I can’t say the full name for legal reasons) and so far it seems to be a hit in this house. My son Tristan even said “Wow, that’s..uh..funky!” The left side “Funk” is what I call “Bootsy In A Box” (and I’m sure he would approve, bubah!) and the right side is reminiscent of the swirling rotary effect that graces Hendrix and Trower albums. And yes it’s on my song “Turn To Rust”…just so you know!

If you are interested in any of these pedals, you can contact Rick through his email: Checkered Pedals email All of these pedals are made to order, so while the wait may be a bit long, you will be genuinely pleased with the results.

Check out the videos for these pedals on the VIDEOS page here, as well as Steve Bello YouTube page.

And be prepared to find your inner groove!