Not the most creative title but there you go!

Maybe I should have said Blogtober? Too corny?

September was quite busy for yours truly but it’s all good. Been racking up more students between the two stores where I teach, as well as private lessons. Sometimes I enjoy teaching more than performing but I can’t deny that being on stage is the best adrenaline rush in the world.

The two shows that my trio performed last month were nothing short of amazing. Dingbatz was off the charts, Starland was definitely intense too. No shows planned until November when I am back at Dingbatz (and I am in need of a drummer and bassist for that show since Chris and Ronnie will be in Arizona that weekend with their band).

Also was bestowed two more signature pedals by Rick Bethune and Checkered Pedals over the weekend. The first is the Marblehead wah, which is probably the most over-the-top wah I have ever played (and I helped design it!) Six different settings with sweep filtering options (otherwise known as “Q” filterting), plus a Tight knob to add more bottom and a Gain knob to give more boost. Also has silent on/off and the best part? The paint job matches the MARBLEHEAD album cover!

Second pedals is the Slippery Gypsy (named from the song on the 2015 album LAYERS OF TIME) and while I don’t have this pedal in my hands yet, Rick sent me small videos and it sounds FUNKY! The one side of the pedal is an envelope filter, which some call auto-wah. It’s great if I want that “quack” sound, it definitely will trip people up. The other side is a U-Vibe (I can’t say the full name as Dunlop owns the rights) which is the sound you hear on “Turn To Rust”.

I will be making videos for these pedals soon, but for now here’s two pics for your edification: