It took two years but I was back on the stage of Starland Ballroom and in the words of Irene Cara: OH WHAT A FEELING!

Yes I made a weird with it!

The crowd was smaller than usual for a Starland show (“It’s a work night, sorry!”) but that didn’t stop Chris, Ronnie and myself from bringing the thunder. Something about being on that stage is so electrifying, it’s hard to describe. I have played on some great stages over the years, but something about Starland…as soon as I step on it, I feel like THIS NIGHT IS MINE!

We opened the night and definitely set the tone for the rest of it. Did the same set list as Dingbatz, and despite not having a rehearsal for this show, you would never know it. Granted, a couple of hiccups here and there (I’ve seen Rush have brain farts, so I am in good company) but the people who saw us looked like their hair was being blown back. There was so much energy coming off the stage. THAT’S why I love to perform! (Everything before it I am not a fan of…)

Sold a few cds after the show, met with some friends, made new fans too, so all in all it was a successful night.

I have an interview this Sunday on The Heavy Metal Mayhem show. The link is on the main page so click on it this Sunday at 6:30pm. It’s rare for me to do an interview AFTER a big show but I have more shows to promote. (You can see them on the TOUR DATES page if you wish to peruse…)

Time for more coffee…