The show last night at Dingbatz…wow!

The energy level  was insane, the crowd was good and full of electricity. When we hit the first song “Heart Of A Warrior”, I could feel everyone in the room totally digging it. Chris and Ronnie played with such intensity which made me push myself even harder. I think I lost 5 pounds during the first song alone.

But the biggest surprise was during “Turn To Rust”; people applauded DURING the song!! That’s never happened before. I guess playing the solo with my teeth helped. That song won everyone over I think. One person told me it reminded her of Prince and that really moved me.

And I think Don Jamieson liked my music too. He introduced me with the cd in his hand and said “You gotta get this cd if you like shred.” Yep, sold three copies! 🙂

Got an interview this Sunday with Danny Coleman (the link is on the main page) and then of course, have to prep for Starland on Sept 27.

I need stronger coffee…