Had rehearsal with Chris and Ronnie at good ol’ Red Bank Rehearsal Studios and let me just say that it was REALLY intense.

Did you feel the earth shake?

We hadn’t played together since July at Roxy’s (yeah I would like to forget that night) but as soon as we plugged in and played “Heart Of A Warrior”, we were off and running. We blasted through the set list a few times, since we have two shows coming up this month (see the TOUR DATES page for more info).

I don’t know what happened over the past couple of months but the music got HEAVIER and more intense. I tailor-made the set list so that every song flowed nicely, and for simplicity’s sake, we are only doing songs from the new album MARBLEHEAD. Eventually I want to throw older songs back in the set list like “Quicker Than The Devil”, “Burn The Sky”, and “Nuclear Paradise”. But for now, I want the newest songs to really leave a dent in people’s brains.

In a nice way.