Just when I think I can rest, I get sucked back into promoting and pretending to be a guitar god. Sigh…it could be worse. I could be in an office for 8 hours a day.

Oh wait…that happened. 

Doing a couple of interviews soon to keep the momentum going for MARBLEHEAD as well as upcoming shows. First interview will be with Tommy Florio again on August 9th on Hard Rock N Sports Show, this time it will be a quickie interview, nothing fancy. Just to shoot the shit about the album and whatnot. Still will be a lot of fun though.

Also I will be doing an interview on Sunday September 16th for Danny Coleman’s Rock On Radio Show and this will be done live in the studio! And even cooler…it will be two hours! So clear your calendar, make a nice hot pot of coffee and let the vibes flow through (with all respect to George Clinton, of course!)

And something else I’ve been mentioning for a while but now will come to fruition: TWO NEW SIGNATURE PEDALS! Yes, not one but two! Rick Bethune at Checkered Pedals sent me the news that the pedals are done but need to be painted and then off they go. While I cannot go into detail just yet, I can offer this: Both pedals are going to be mega-funky and ultra-hip! Rick is brave enough to listen to my nutcase ideas and put them to reality so there you go!

Of course the two shows that I can announce coming up are: Sunday August 19th at The Chance as guest of Fishbone, and Friday September 14th at Dingbatz as part of Don Jamieson’s metal night. There are more shows being talked about but I can’t mention them yet. In time I will.

But for now, that nap awaits…