Last time that Chris, Ronnie and I were together was in the studio to do my new album. That was back in February this year.

But today that changed…

We met up at Red Bank Rehearsal Studios for the first time since January (that was the last time we rehearsed as a unit) to go over the set list for next Saturday’s show at Roxy & Dukes. The set list in question will be the entire MARBLEHEAD album from top to bottom, starting with “Time To Fly” and ending with “Heart Of A Warrior”. Went over everything twice, made sure we nailed the cues, and got all the notes right (that’s really important!)

After this show, we will start mixing the set list up, adding older songs from past albums as well as keeping some new tunes as well. I cannot wait to hear what these older pieces will sound like with Chris and Ronnie behind the wheel!

Tickets for the gig on July 21st are still available by going to the TOUR DATES page and clicking on the link for it.

Start spreading the news…