WHEW! I half-joke that I am talking about my new album more than performing it. This weekend will be proof that the promo machine is in full swing…

This Friday June 29 at 4pm EST (9pm in the UK), I will be doing an interview hosted by Pete Fry, for his FryDay Night With Fry show. We will discuss the new album MARBLEHEAD, of course, and whatever else he wants to throw at me. This will be about 15-20 minutes, so you will have time to catch your reruns on Netflix later.

Then the next day (that would be Saturday June 30, kids), I will be doing an interview hosted by Metal Maiden Vicki for her Metal Euphoria/Sonic Asylum Radio show. Again, discussing the new cd, and knowing her, she likes to hurl interesting questions my way. This will happen at 5:30 EST and usually lasts about two hours. So grab some popcorn.

And then…yep…there’s more…

Tom Hanley from WRAT 95.9 FM will interview me over the course of three nights on his Jersey Rocks show. This will be the first-ever mainstream radio station to give my music its due.

Follow all of that? Good!

Tune in, turn on, and rock out!