Been doing a lot of press for MARBLEHEAD, interviews coming and going. Did a second one last night for Blow Up Radio with DJ Lazlo. Was shorter than the previous interview that was done last week on MDR, still just as entertaining though. I joked on Facebook that I should do a spoken word tour like Henry Rollins, since I am doing more talking than playing.

That will change soon!

I have more Q&A’s coming up in June, starting with Hard Rock & Sports Show w/Tommy Florio on June 7th at 7pm. And then towards the end of the month, I will be back on Metal Euphoria with Metal Maiden Vicki, on Saturday June 30th at 5pm. In talks with more radio stations about interviews and doing promotions for the new album, so be sure to check back here and on my various social media sites.

One BIG thing that will happen soon: my song “Time To Fly” will be played on mainstream rock radio! Yes you read that right. After many years of being told by various stations that they can’t/won’t play instrumental music, WRAT 95.9 in Belmar, NJ will be the first-ever radio station to play my material. Not sure when they will play it, but Tom Hanley (who hosts Jersey Rock on The Rat) told me that my new album is solid and that he really enjoyed it. So that’s HUGE. This means when you are in your car, driving around the Jersey shore and such, you will eventually get to hear the opening chords of “Fly” come through the speakers.

It’s going to be beautiful, people!