Most of you have received your pre-order already for MARBLEHEAD and have sent messages through Facebook (some even posting directly on the site) praising the album. That is fantastic to read! For an album that is just about ready to be released very soon, it’s been garnering some amazing reviews and good vibes all around.

So cool!

As you can see on the front page of this website, I will be doing my first radio interview the day after MARBLEHEAD is released. Seems right, doesn’t it? So on May 16th at 7pm, tune in to and sit back for one full hour of talking about the making of this album, as well as whatever questions DJ Metal God lobbies at me.

Another interview will take place the next night on (that would be May 17th, for those who are good at math) with Lazlo at 7pm as well. This interview won’t be as long but will still be pretty cool.

More interviews will happen soon, just working out details. For now, I can say that I am setting up shop with Metal Maiden Vicki for Sonic Asylum Radio sometime in June, as well as Tommy Florio for his Hard Rock And Sports show.

Oh and here’s a cool pic of the cd being played through a stereo system: