Yep, the second single/video from the new album MARBLEHEAD debuted at midnight tonight on YouTube. It’s the title track…surprise surprise! And like the first video for “Time To Fly”, this one has copyright-free images that I think fit the vibe of the song. I do plan on making a “real” video, but not sure what song and how I will go about it.

Videos are more of a pain than I realized!

There’s still time to get your pre-orders in through the SHOP page here. I have been keeping my word and sending free downloads of the new album while everyone have been waiting for their signed hard copies to arrive. I am ending this offer on April 23rd. After that, both the cd and download will be available for $10 each.

I am pleased with the number of pre-orders so far. One more week should do the trick and then I can finally press copies. Your support really matters to me and I do NOT take it for granted, not now, not ever.

Now enjoy the second clip and get down with your bad self…