See what I did there?

“Time To Fly” was released at midnight Monday (or would that be early Tuesday?) and the response so far has been pretty great. As a result, pre-orders have been coming in at a steady pace, about two a day, so that’s good. My offer still stands that anyone who pre-orders will get a free download of the new album while they wait for their signed physical copy to arrive. Once May 15th arrives, the free download offer is no longer but will be made available for sale on the same date as the cd itself.

Five internet stations have played the first single as well! Metal Euphoria/Sonic Asylum Radio, WadioRadio, 365 Radio, DJ Ariel Metal Under The Sea, and RadioGas (in Italy!!) have all played it and they all say the same things, that the listeners really dig the song. One guy even commented on the DJ Ariel page that it reminded him of Steve Vai. (No complaints there!!) More stations will follow suit for sure, as well as schedule interviews to help promote the album.

Also, a couple of magazines want to do reviews/interviews as well, so that’s great! I have a really great feeling about MARBLEHEAD…think this cd will be the one to push me up the food chain a bit more.

Will be releasing a second single very soon, and it goes without saying that it will be the title track. I’ve played that song live a few times as well as used it in the promo clip. So it’s only natural that “Marblehead” will be next.

What to do for the video though?!