You hummed the keyboard riff from Europe just now, right? If so, then I did my job!

This Sunday I will be trekking down to Chris Davison’s studio to finalize the mixes, really put the songs through their paces, and then master them. He’s been sending me raw files, asking me to take notes and such, which I’ve done. So being the tireless worker that he is, he has been sending more and more tracks to be picked apart. I haven’t worked this closely with my music in…ever.

We are both on the same page as far as making sure there’s clarity between the instruments, and the notes themselves. I am stunned at how clear and crisp the music sounds. This will be my cleanest cd LOL! But I always make sure that my playing still has a bit of dirt under the fingernails. I am all for precision but the HUMAN element has to be there. Otherwise it’ll be like smooth jazz.

And we wouldn’t want THAT, right?

When everything is where it should be, I will make a 30-second “commercial” mentioning the arrival of the new album. The album title will be revealed, so you can all let out a big sigh now…I’m waiting. Once the cd is pressed and ready to rock, then I can announce to the world that the new album is out!!!

I feel like a kid on Xmas morning…