The title of this blog can be interpreted in two ways:

  1. I play too many notes
  2. I am writing down too many notes as I am listening to the rough mixes.

The answer is YES to both.

Chris Davison has been mixing down the new album and sending me the rough versions so I can listen and take notes. On the surface, everything sounds great. The separation between the instruments is great, the instruments themselves are clear as a bell. I’ve never had an album sound like this before. This will be a new and improved Steve Bello, if you will.

It’s common for musicians to say “This is the best album!” because it’s new and exciting. I will say that this is the best album I’ve made in a bunch of ways. But it’s not up to me to decide that. Once my music is released to the public, it will be up to them to decide if it’s my best, or pretty good, or whatever.

But listening to these raw mixes really solidifies what I’ve been thinking all along: This really is a new chapter in my musical career. My writing has changed but at the same time, it still has the attributes that make it sound like me. My soloing is definitely shifting too. Yes, I still play too many notes per square inch. But the solos on this album go from slow bending (yes, you read that right) to crazy pitch-shifting licks and some wild sweep picking. Again, the public has to decide if they hear all these things, or will just say “Eh, it’s typically Bello.”

I refuse to be anything but typical.