Yes, you read that correctly. My seventh album is now completed as of 10pm last night. I recorded the final notes and noises, took a huge breath and said to Chris Davison and Chris Macock “We’re done!”

This album was the most fun I ever had recording. It was a true joy, and I have never said that in my life. I’ve had good times in studios, one bad one, but this was sheer delight. Everyone was on the same page, in tune with each other, got their ducks in a row and this is the result. Listened back to the unmixed songs to really make sure I was happy with everything before I packed up my gear and drove home. All I can say is that this is going to make you re-think who I am as a guitarist and songwriter.

Chris and Ronnie Mormino deserve tons of kudos for stepping up when the chips were down for me, and turning already good songs into BETTER ones. And extra heaps o’thanks to Chris Macock (Inversion Circus’ guitarist) for letting me record in his studio in Morganville. His hospitality was greatly appreciated. And his neighbours were cool enough to let us make noise all day and night.

Onto mixing and mastering…

And a nap.