Been bouncing ideas back and forth with Chris about recording my parts soon. He and I have been brainstorming like mad, and it’s a great feeling. The vibes so far for this new album have been nothing short of amazing. 

Chris suggested that I write a list down of all the effects each song will have. Hmmm…never did that before. I always come prepared with the sounds already but he said that writing things down keeps everyone on the same page. I am inclined to agree. But we both understand that things can change in a heartbeat in the studio. Ideas that sounded great last week sound could be tossed out because inspiration struck. Not the first time that happened to me, and certainly won’t be the last. I am ready for anything.

So Saturday I will be schlepping down to Chris Macock’s studio to get all my tones and sounds ready to record. We are hoping to bang everything out in a day but if it spills over to the next morning, that’s okay too. This is all about getting it right instead of getting it done quickly.

But dammit I am dying to unleash this new record soon!!!