I am not quoting Badfinger here but work with me…

A week from today, I will be entering the studio to start work on my 7th album. I think it’s time I reveal the album title, don’t you? I will do that at the end of this blog. For now, allow me to indulge as I always do.

I’ve been recording music since the age of 18. From back in 1988 til this very moment, the same feelings creep up on me. “Will the sessions go smooth?”, “Will I hit a brick wall because someone is being difficult?” and the ever-popular “Will people care about this music once it’s released?” Aside from one album where the sessions were a disaster and nobody really cared about what I released, I can safely say that for the most part, every album went pretty well. No matter what though, those little gremlins crawl into my brain and make me think “Should I still be doing this?”

The answer is YES!

I did hit a brick wall this summer though. Part of it was my fault, and I owned up to it. Things could have been resolved but when people quit through emails, it tends to be for the best that things didn’t move forward in that regard. When Chris and Ronnie stepped in to help out, the sun came out. I will still feeling a bit down about how things ended but these guys took the ball and ran with it. REALLY ran with it. Our first rehearsal left any feelings of doubt I had in the dust; I was the most excited I had been in a dog’s age. If things fell apart that day, I would have rolled up my tent and said “It was fun while it lasted.”

We accomplished a lot in a short span of time, if you think about it. I even pulled a song out of the trash from 2013, cleaned it up, showed the guys and that was it. To think we’ve only had three rehearsals and now we are going to record…that speaks volumes. THAT’S how it should be, not obsess over the songs for a year and wait…and wait. Inspiration is funny like that, it shows up and then disappears. I wanted to act on it quickly with the past line-up but it wasn’t meant to be. But with this line-up, everything was nailed to the ground. Perfect!

So when we head into the studio next Sunday, some nervousness will be there, a lot of energy and excitement too. I am sure that when we lay down the first drum track, everything will flow nicely. I have no doubts that we will get this record done in two months. I keep saying “May release” but if it’s June or July, that’s fine too.

So what’s the name of my new album going to be?

Oh that’s right, a magician never reveals his secrets…