Needless to say, I am not basking in the California sun and pretending to be a famous guitar god at Winter NAMM. I could write a long diatribe as to why I am not there but let’s just say that I will be trying for Summer NAMM in Nashville this June. By hook or by crook, I will get to another show.


One thing I am very pleased about is that there’s interest in the new album. Internet radio stations are expressing their desires to play select tracks once the cd is out. A lot of my friends and fans are definitely jonesing for new songs as well, and that inspires me and keeps me focused.

Far too often, I get defeated easily. I readily admit that. I know it’s not cool to talk like a human being, and that I always have to be “on” like David Lee Roth. But let’s face it, musicians are a strange breed and I am no exception. We all want acceptance, admiration, and of course love. Whether you have the talent of a potato chip or you’re the new Joe Satriani, we all want to be recognized for our works. Nobody wants to be forgotten, or worse…a never-was.

Working on new songs is a thrill for me but it also makes me question “Do people really care?” There’s a ton of guitar players out there, so what makes what I do special? For one thing, I write real songs. I don’t write vehicles for soloing endlessly (though if you dislike this kind of music, it could sound like that to your ears and be very irritating). I put a lot of thought into the music. Always writing, re-writing, throwing things out, taking them out of the trash again…it’s a vicious circle.

But it’s all about the music.

One question I get asked is “What about shows?” To be blunt, and I’ve said this before, I really don’t know. The last gig I did back in August really soured me for many reasons. All I could think was “This is NOT why I am a musician.” A few of my friends pointed out that that night I was definitely channeling some aggression, and they were right. I want to have fun on stage, it’s my safe haven. Sometimes anger is good fuel to get me to play at my best. If I can take negatives and turn them into positives on stage, then great. I don’t like conflict or drama, but was met with both that night. Found my inner Ritchie Blackmore with an attitude of “I’ll show YOU!” But after that show, I decided “I can’t do this if it’s not fun.”

So as of now, there’s talk of one show, a cd release party. I mentioned this in a previous blog so you can find it if you wish. Right now, my only goal is get album #7 recorded and out the door. This will be the most ambitious album to date. Now I know how Prince felt when he said PURPLE RAIN would be hard to top.

Too bad I can’t play 32 instruments like Prince did…

But I’m a bad-ass guitar player!!!!