Had a third and final rehearsal today, went over all eight songs, and true to form, everything sounded really amazing. This is the most pleased I’ve ever been with regards to my music and the people who are playing it, namely Chris and Ronnie.

We have decided to make February 18th the official date to begin recording the new album. We will do all the drums at Ronnie’s studio and then Chris will lay his bass parts at a future date. Of course, I will have to do all my guitar parts but that may not happen for a little while. That’s okay, as long as we have the bed tracks for the drums, then we can take our time with everything else.

If all goes well, this album will see sunlight this May. If it’s a little later, that’s fine too. Feels good to have the songs down pretty good and then have a goal set to record. I still get the butterflies every time I set my sights on recording. You’d think by now I would be more relaxed about things.

I hope to never lose this enthusiasm.