Was supposed to have rehearsal this Saturday but between  a fever knocking me out, plus scheduling conflicts with the studio, it will be next weekend. Works for me because I look and feel like the floor of a movie theater.

Five points if you spot the reference…

I still think things will go as planned as far as recording in February. I don’t want to pine over the demos too much because then I feel like I have to play “Beat The Demo”. I like the spontaneity of the demos and want to keep that vibe for the new album. Also been playing with album cover ideas, think I landed on something really cool. Being creative is the best!

A few people (well, a small handful) have asked me “You really done with live shows?” The answer as of right now is maybe. Tis true that my feelings yo-yo a lot, and that’s probably what causes people to hesitate supporting me. I have to come to terms that what I do is not for everyone. Perhaps I have made it difficult for myself but my vision is what it is. I am nowhere close to the level of bands like Rush or King’s X, but I always admired them for being true to their art (and for being power trios), and never bending to the will of the public. Granted, every band chucks in something somewhat commercial for a bit more acceptance. But if the integrity is there, then it’s a win-win for everyone.

The last show that I performed back in August was a weird one. I was finally given the opportunity to be direct support for the headliner but that would be the last night with the line-up I had. The set was also cut short so we only got to play four of the seven songs on the list. Fine with me, we just leveled the place in retaliation. And once we all said our goodbyes and I headed back into The Chance, this strange feeling came over me.

“I think that’s it.”

I don’t miss the stress of selling tickets and hearing excuses. I don’t miss being told “You are great but you can’t come back because you don’t draw.” These are NOT things that musicians and artists want to hear. It’s common knowledge that people want to relive their past, or hang onto their youth (I’m guilty of that, so there you go). They don’t want to hear something that makes them scratch their heads and say “What the hell am I listening to?” New bands sound retro now, that’s the “in” thing. My music has a retro-ish vibe but I am trying to break a tiny bit of ground. Lofty goal? Sure!

But after talking with Chris and Ronnie, they seem interested in finding holes in their schedules (when The Inversion Circus isn’t gigging) to play a couple of shows with me. There has been talk about a cd release party and truth be told, I have never done one ever. This will be a first if we can pull it off. Outside of that, I really haven’t been giving much thought to performing. As I always say, if something happens, then I will get out of the way. I won’t be my own worst enemy if a nice show pops up.

And then the stress starts all over again…