Being a lifelong Peanuts fan, this came at the perfect time…

Well here we are, a couple of days into 2018 and already the energy is changing for the better. Lots of people making posts on social media about how 2017 sucked (which it did) and how 2018 is going to be a lot better. Maybe it’s too early to be super-optimistic but at least everyone are pushing for a better year.

I, for one, will make sure 2018 smells like a rose!

Been chatting with bassist Chris Davison about getting ideas together for recording. He and I are on the same page about keeping everything real and raw. I know a lot of my friends are all about producing everything til it’s sanitized and that’s never been me. While I am still very proud of my last cd LAYERS OF TIME, I am never satisfied and always need to find new ways to train an old dog.

The new songs I’ve written lend themselves to being recorded as live as possible. I always write with the stage in mind. If I can’t reproduce something live, why record it in the first place? This is one of the reasons why I always loved power trios: nobody can hide, everyone has to step forward.  I had debated adding keyboards in the mix, as it would be a nice cushion for the heavy guitars. But maybe it’s the stubborn mule in me that wants to keep the music edgy. I’ll get back to you on that.

We will definitely have a final rehearsal this month and then scoot over to the studio to get recording in February. (Let’s hope the snow gods behave!) I am feeling really confident with this music, mainly because Chris and drummer Ronnie Mormino believe in the songs equally as much. While they both have their hands full with their own band The Inversion Circus, as well as female singer Zaritza, they are making sure my music doesn’t suffer. There’s no “We just don’t have the time” nonsense with these guys; they plow through and get ‘er done.

They have agreed to do at least ONE show to help promote my cd, possibly a release party at Brighton Bar in Long Branch, if all goes well. I admit that the thought of performing has me of two minds: I enjoy being on stage but I don’t miss the stress that happens before and the moments leading up to the show. (And don’t get me started about load out!) But if the cd takes off, sells nicely, gets great reviews like the last one did, then that may ease my mind a tad.

But for now, in the words of Ol’ Blue Eyes:

“Let’s make a record.”