With another Christmas out of the way, and one more week to endure before 2018, who else is ready to kick some serious ass soon?

I know I am!

The power duo from The Inversion Circus (that would be Chris and Ronnie of course) are taking a well-deserved break, as they have been busy not only with their own band as well as my music, but they did some shows with Zaritza in NYC. Chris will get to spend quality time with family, as will Ronnie. Of course, I will do the same, since everyone is home from school this week. But fear not! Come mid-January, the IC guys and I will be in rehearsal mode and then trek over to the studio to lay down the tracks for cd #7.

I have also been going back and forth via Facebook messenger with Rick Bethune of Checkered Pedals. I gave him some ideas for new pedals and quick as a wink, he is going to work on them. (Don’t worry, he’s also fulfilling orders, so give him some slack. He’s a one-man operation!) He has been picking my brain about one particular pedal because I am being very particular about it as it is. He told me that this piece will have features that no other pedal of this kind has ever had. The other pedal is going to be ultra-funky as well. Definitely going to blow minds, I can feel it.

You want hints? Okay: one pedal is going to be purple, the other white. And yes, both will be named after song titles.

That’s all you get outta me 🙂