I will just put my ass on the line and say that 2017, for the most part, sucked for me personally. While I am not someone who likes to rush or be rushed through things, this is one of the few moments where I can safely say “ADIOS MOTHERTRUCKER!”

See? I can sound hip!

The majority of 2017 was a wash for me. Yes I played some really cool shows, and a couple of clunkers, as that will happen. I can live with that. The life of a musician is an inconsistent one. Between broken promises, empty excuses, overall flakiness, and financial stress…it’s amazing that I still do this. Yet what else am I going to do? I stink at everything else. So I keep writing, recording, and being creative, as that’s my safe haven.

Onto better things: I completely forgot that the two-year anniversary of LAYERS OF TIME came and went on December 14th. Hard to believe that it was recorded in the Summer of 2015 and then released just before Christmas. In the music world, even six months is an eternity in dog years. Two years? May as well be the equivalent to going around the Sun…if I was Saturn.

While I am very proud of LAYERS, I am super-focused on the new cd. I will have one more rehearsal with Chris and Ronnie, and then we will hide in a studio or two to bang the music out. If all goes well, the cd will see sunlight by April/May 2018. If it’s a bit later, fine with me. The quality has to be there, period. I am beyond excited to be working with these guys, and they have been more than gracious to assist me. So kudos to them!

My signing with GHS Strings was a significant move. I have been very pleased with everyone and everything so far, and it’s nice to have fellow artist friends joining the roster as well. I may not be Steve Vai but I can bring business to the table. Also, having my second signature pedal come out this past June was very cool too. I still need to make a demo video for it! Rick Bethune at Checkered Pedals is making at least two more signature pedals for me…yes you read that right. I can’t say what they will be but mark my words: You will be pleasantly surprised.

Oh and my teaching gig at Music & Arts has been a tremendous success so far! Been there since August and it’s going extremely well. I will say that when I scored the job, 2017 turned around for me. It was about damn time, right?

So what’s in store for 2018? Aside from a new album, new pedals, and maybe getting my aging body back on stage…who knows? I am just lucky to look back on such a challenging year (well up until August) and can breathe a heavy sigh of relief.

I am on the right side of the grass, so that works for me.