If you’ve been following Joe Satriani on Facebook, he’s been posting little videos of himself talking about his upcoming new album. Along with that, he’s been talking about who’s on the album, as well as letting the guys in his line-up speak. It’s a great way to engage the listener and make him/her feel like “I’m part of this.”

I need to do that more, huh?

Joe Perry had an album called LET THE MUSIC DO THE TALKING. I always believed in that. The music has to matter. Sadly, we live in a world where music has been de-valued for many reasons. I am still old-school in that I care about the songs, artwork, album credits, even how long each song is. My attitude was, “This will be good enough for the public.”


Watching these Satriani clips made me think “What am I doing wrong? Oh! I need to actually TALK to the audience, not just post/blog about the music.” I hope whoever reads my blogs and tweets feel like they are included in my world. I know now that I have to step up…a lot.

I spoke with Chris Davison and he said it’s a great idea to make little videos of us in the studio, talking about the music as well as trivial things. People seem to like silly little moments, not cheesy or corny, but tiny tidbits that really communicate well. We made a small video (you can see it on my VIDEOS page) back in October of me mentioning who is going to be on the new album. The beginning was kinda planned, where I looked surprised, but the rest was totally ad-lib. As short as the clip was, it was enough for some people to react nicely like “Short but sweet” and “You need more clips like this.” In the words of TM Stevens, “People don’t pay money to see the top of your head. SHOW THEM YOUR EYES!”

So starting in January, we are going to film little vignettes of us rehearsing a bit, talk shop about this all came together, whatever works. Pictures and small music samples work but only for so long. A small video, even if it’s two minutes long, engages people enough to keep their interest level up. I noticed that when a previous line-up I had did a demo video for “Surfing To Venus”. It EXPLODED on Facebook (long before you had to pay for likes) and as a result, my cd GO BERZERK! sold really well. For LAYERS OF TIME, there were some pics in the studio but not much else. That’s on me. I should have thought to allow the camera to broadcast the making of that album. Oh well.

I do not know who will film, but I can guarantee it will be cool. Chris and Ronnie are into the music and so that will translate well into the videos.

I still say the music matters the most 🙂