I wrote a quick blog (of sorts) a few days ago about hearing the latest demos from last Saturday’s rehearsal. And yes I am really excited, easily the most ebullient I’ve been in a real long time about my music. And judging by the energy level that Chris and Ronnie put forth, I would say they feel the same too.

And we’re not done yet!

We got to do seven of the eight songs, as we simply ran out of time. That’s totally okay, as these guys are like me. They like to make sure the arrangements are good and then make sure they are better the next time. Went over “Fly”, “Marblehead”, “Keep Breathing”, and “Heart” from the last rehearsal and of course they came out slammin’!

This time we did “Rust”, which is easily the most mellow song I’ve ever written. Went over that twice as we were close to quitting time in the studio. Chris doubled my guitar riff on bass so now it sounds really thick. Think this will give me room to move chords around a bit more too. Worked on “Message”, and the funny thing was, Ronnie asked me “Why is there space before the song kicks in?” I totally forgot that I was planning on adding something interesting in the beginning, just to throw people off. He said “Do it now, let’s hear it.” But I had NOTHING! So I totally improvised something and everyone said “THAT’S IT!” So now I have work to do…thanks guys 😉

But the biggest challenge was the tune “Stay”. I wrote this back in 2013, you know the rest (you can find the blog somewhere) and figured I would show these guys. They immediately took to it so that was good. But of course I wasn’t happy with the original arrangement. So I chopped off the intro, made the verse riff start the song. Took the third part, made that the second part and THEN wrote a new third part. Still with me? Ronnie said “Put that clean part back in!” and then he inadvertently suggested making the clean guitar riff part of the whole song. So I did that, and then we were off and running. The third part is very reminiscent of something Rush would do if they channeled Pantera. Trust me, it works.

So with all this in mind, the three of us are confident that this will be a tremendous album when finished. Their playing pushes MY playing even more, and that’s what I need. This will be a very ambitious cd, much like the others, but I have a feeling I will have the most fun ever with these guys.

And did they maybe helping me with a live show here and there in 2018?