Had another rehearsal today at Red Bank Rehearsal Studios with Chris and Ronnie, and one thing is clear…

I leave rehearsal more excited than when I show up!

Went over seven of the eight songs today, so we’re getting there. I make no bones that Chris and Ronnie are seriously unreal musicians, and of course some really cool dudes as well! (Yeah that’s always important…)

At this stage, I think some of you are familiar with the songs “Marblehead” and “Keep Breathing”, as these songs were performed live in the past with my previous line-up. Tim Louie of the EC Rocker wrote a very nice little blurb about me teaming up with the guys, so you can read it here: Steve Bello Teams Up With Inversion Circus

So am I going to reveal more titles? Not just yet but I will drop some tidbits here and there. “Fly” is going to be the opening cut on the new album, and it’s very steeped in 80s rock/metal, no question. “Message” is a grinder in vein of Pantera (to my ears) with a spacey melody and other surprises that I won’t say here. “Heart” had a different title but I changed it as I’m just neurotic, but that song is unashamedly Rush/Yes-influenced. “Rust” is the most mellow song I have ever written ala Hendrix/Trower/Stevie Ray (yes you read that right) but then it gets super-heavy like Sabbath.

The big surprise was a tune wrote in 2013 that had a different title as well. The drummer I had at the time wouldn’t do the song so it sat quietly on the sidelines. Ronnie is such a studied drummer that I had to show him this and he ate it up! For now, I shall say it’s “Outside” and it’s VERY outside-sounding. Because this song was pretty much unfinished, I re-arranged two parts, added a third…but Chris and Ronnie wanted me to keep a couple of touches so I did. This song was a true collaborative effort and it came out amazingly cool! We have one more to go, a song with “Skies” in the title…will wait til we do that for me to talk more about it.

Overall, I am very pleased with everything. We will have one more rehearsal in January sometime and then off to the studio to record this new opus. Inversion Circus has more shows lined up as well as their own album but the guys will find time to get my album underway. If all goes well, this could see an April/May release in 2018.

Let the metal flow…