This part Thursday was my 48th year around the sun. Most people abhor getting older but not me. I embrace it because it’s better than the alternative.

Decided to film a small video of myself playing some weird shred licks in my basement tonight. I’ve been filmed but I’ve never filmed myself ever. So I jumped on the selfie train and set up shop. I was decently warmed up, so it felt good to have that raw energy come through my fingers. I used no effects at all. Was just my Ibanez Universe 7 plugged into an Orange Micro Terror head, which was fed into an Orange 2×12 cab. That’s it. I like making noises but this time I made noise with less. And I am sure some haters will say things just to feel like puffing up their chests. But while there are better players than myself, I am genuine and honest with my playing style. Nobody can take that away from me.

So I hope you enjoy the clip on my VIDEO page and just keep in mind that it was one take, no edits, what you see is what you get.