Just received the files of the four songs that we rehearsed this past Saturday, and all I can say is (and yes this is a Neil Diamond reference)…

What a beautiful noise!

I am so glad that Chris and Ronnie wanted to help with getting the new album up and running again. Admittedly I was pretty worn out and not caring but I knew deep down inside that I wrote some good material. Once I cleared the fog out of my head and sent the demos to the guys, one of two things could have happened:

  1. This could be the most intense trio to date;
  2. The guys could have said “The music is cool but we have to pass”

Thankfully, aside from me not being able to find the studio, things went way beyond my expectations. Having heard the guys in their own trio Inversion Circus, I thought “They asked to help for a reason. They knew they could bring a new energy and dynamic that was lacking.” And after hearing the demos with these guys, I can’t even listen to the old demos anymore. My songs have been twisted inside out, nine ways from Sunday…and that’s what the tunes needed.

Ronnie’s drumming has that mile-wide groove that makes you do the slow headbang like Cliff Burton used to do. And Chris’s bass playing is just lethal yet melodic. These guys really did their homework, respected the songs, yet when I said “You have a high ceiling”, they shattered the tiles! I cannot wait to work on the other four songs, and then plow through all eight one last time before recording commences.

And again, I have to stress that Inversion Circus is still active, working on their follow-up to the first cd. Chris and Ronnie might help me with one live show to help kick off the release of my new album but first things first: I want to make the most creative, forward-thinking album to date. And these guys will definitely make sure that happens.

Time to fly…