For about two weeks or so, I had to bite my tongue. It was not easy, believe me. I have been excited in the past about things that involve my music but this…

What does it mean when you can’t blink?

I can finally announce who will be helping me record album #7: It will be the rhythm section of another instrumental trio in NJ called The Inversion Circus! You may recall that I was asked to open for them back in May at The Brighton Bar. I never would have guessed that bassist Chris Davison and drummer Ronnie Mormino would have approached me about something like this.

**Please note that Inversion Circus is still intact, they are working on a new cd as well.

Chris and I chat a bit around early September and at the time, when he asked to lend a hand, I honestly wasn’t ready. My head wasn’t where it should have been. It wouldn’t have been fair to him. I was shocked when he said Ronnie wanted to be a part of this, so that perked me up. I sent them the demos and told them to have fun, and from what I witnessed today at rehearsal, they really went to town!!

We went over four of the eight songs, and two of them we nailed down pretty quickly. The other two needed a bit of elbow grease but we got them together. I have to say, “Marblehead” sounds REALLY trippy now!! Chris took the bass line that I originally wrote for the verse and made it really slinky. And Ronnie…wow! Super-solid but when he lets it rip, you need to put mustard on that hot dog!!

We will have another rehearsal in a couple of weeks, as Inversion is heading to Arizona for some shows. But fear not, the inspiration here is INTENSE! No other way of putting it.

I posted a video that we filmed after rehearsal and while we were tired, we were still juiced up from all the notes flying around the room.

Now I need a nap…






Yes, the word is out!! Joining me for my upcoming 7th album will be the rhythm section of Inversion Circus!