Yeah I wrote a blog three days ago. Here’s another one, so deal with it 😉

Been grooving to some new music lately from bands old and new. Whenever I get ready to record music or perform a show, I need something to give me that renewed energy and extra spark. My tastes are diverse, so as a result, my own music tends to take on various “personalities”, if you will.

Lately I have been jamming out to the new Living Colour cd SHADE. That album just flat-out kicks ass! Heard the song “Program” on their YouTube page and was brought back to the moment when I first heard Colour in high school. They had this sound that instantly grabbed me and turned everything upside-down. And that feeling still happens every time I listen to them. Do yourself a favour and check out this cd, you will not be disappointed!

Also heard the song “Energy” by Joe Satriani on his Facebook page and it was great to hear him just rock out again. I like his experimental stuff but when gets in his four-on-the-floor mode, it’s very inspiring. What makes this song cooler is that he has Chad Smith of Red Hot Chili Peppers on drums and Glenn Hughes (!) on bass. I cannot wait to get my hands on Satch’s new album soon. I haven’t been this excited about a Satch album since CRYSTAL PLANET back in 1997…just being honest here.

On the way other end of the spectrum…you won’t believe me but I heard a new Morbid Angel track called “Piles Of Little Arms” (?) and it rattled my fillings nicely. And, get this, heard two new songs by Cannibal Corpse from their RED BEFORE BLACK album…whew! I am not the biggest death metal fan in the world but damn it if hearing that music in small doses doesn’t make me want to smash shit! (I’m a peaceful dude, trust me.) Crazy guitar work, sick drumming, this music can make coffee nervous!

One more band I got wind of is a young quartet called Greta Van Fleet. I really hope they can resurrect rock for all of us. Yes, they are 100% Led Zeppelin-sounding, and that’s awesome. But I think in time they will find their own sound as they are young and genuinely love music for the sake of it. We need more bands like this.

So there you have it, this is what I’ve been grooving to, in preparation for my new album. I hope to harness all this inspiration in my music. I feel my mojo coming back after being worn out for a little while.

And yes, I will announce who will be on my new album this Saturday night…