Can you hear it? That sound? You know what I am talking about, I hope…

I was supposed to record my seventh album this past August but life had other plans. I prefer to leave the past where it belongs and soldier on. A rhythm section recently reached out to me and said “We would love to help you!” So I sent the demos and they said the songs were good and they would get to work on them soon. They have a couple of other projects to finish up, so once those are out of the way, we can meet up and start work on the album.

I made a post on my Facebook page, and while I purposely made it very vague, it still generated some nice interest. I cannot mention who will be helping out at this time. But safe to say these guys will really light a fire under my ass. It was nice to see such positive reactions on my FB page too, that means a lot.

Been working on the cd cover and inserts too, so that means the muse is paying me a visit again. Whenever I play with album ideas, it’s a sure bet that things are rolling nicely. I’m still an old-school music fan, I love album covers and silly things like how long a song is. For me, making an album is an event, a snapshot in time. And I hope whomever listens to my music is just as excited as I am about making it happen.

Maybe this album will be “lucky seven”…ya never know!